Western Kentucky University Engagement Photos | Kelsi & Andy

wku-engagement-pictures-124Loved getting to walk around wonderful Western Kentucky University with two folks who share my appreciation for this sweet place.  Like Luke and I, Kelsi and Andy met during their college days on the hill.  We need to coin a nickname for couples whose relationships got started under that red towel. What makes these images so much more fun for me, is before there was any mention of Andy or WKU or college at all, I was friends with Kelsi.  Many evenings of having her kick my butt as we ran around (literally) town.  Fun times in my office and hanging with other friends in the loft.  This, however, was my first time actually meeting Andy for myself and not just through the sweet stories Kelsi's shared with me.  And let me tell ya - it was so fun to hang out with them on a balmy, Kentucky summer evening.

Andy is a sweet encouragement for Kelsi.  He's a little saucy, so as to keep up with her spunk, very kind and talented in her same arena of music.  He jokes right along with her while slowing her down a bit.  So good for this busy little lady.  Loved how much they had one another - myself included - laughing.  Getting super excited for their wedding next summer.  It's always joy, doubled, for me to get to make images for friends as they find their love and take a walk down the aisle.  Fun, too, to wander around my alma mater and remember life there, while hearing about their life on campus together.  Sweet times that hopefully translated in these joy-filled images.  Enjoy!