Whip to the right...Fall on the Floor

When I first thought to blog this, I hesitated, because it could really make me sound pretty nuts and stupid.  But then I paused for a second and thought: 'If I've photographed these people, chances are they've seen me be even more nuts and stupid than this."  So here it goes: Today, I'm working in the office until noon, alone.  I also am obsessed with Willow Smith's new song Whip My Hair and I'm even more obsessed with the dancing skills this 9-year-old possesses.  Back to the working scene in my office.  I answer the phone, chat, politely hang-up and proceed to drop my phone on the floor.  So I do what no other person would ever do:  I choose to Whip my Hair to the right while I reach down for my phone.  Well, folks - I fell out of my chair.  Like all the way.  Please laugh.  It was sooo funny.  So here I am, back in my chair, editing your beautiful pictures and watching Willow whip her hair, instead of choosing to do it myself.

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