At 10 am on Bardstown Road, Whitney, her sister Amber and I were having a blast one Sunday morning. We met at Krispy Kreme (mmmmm), and headed over to Farmington to get some 'natural' images. Once we made some fabulous photos, we headed up and down Bardstown road to add some color and funkiness to our images. I love that Whitney brought along her sister, who not only helped her change clothes and makeup - but helped to bring out some personality and great laughs. I soo loved working with you all and am glad you didn't wrinkle your nose when I said, "Lets go to the Jiffy Lube, then the tattoo parlor and then a bathroom that smells!" Don't worry - no one was harmed in the making of these photos - or tattoed. whitney012retouchblog.jpg whitney033.jpg

Really this is just her!


Told ya - she has such great hair and a fabulous laugh!


This is the infamous 'give me seductive, in a classy way,' I think she rocks it!


Yep, this is a bathroom - probably the worse smelling in Louisville.


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