Why, hello there!

Well, this blog seems to be suffering from ... the heat ... yes, I will blame it on the heat.  I have been super busy spending lots of quality time with you fine folks and your families.  Last week we wrapped up 13 portrait sessions and a wedding.  Busy, busy - but that also means this blog is about to be spectacular!  Until that time comes...I will share with you a note my friend Sam Grey sent my way.  I would totally encourage all of you to take part in the great event!!

On July 24, 2010 the 3rd annual Worldwide Photo Walk will take place.  I have signed up Shelbyville as one of the over 1000 cities worldwide to participate in this event.  I would like to invite each of you to join me on the 24th at 1:45 PM with your cameras in hand to see what kind of photos you can come up with as we walk a planned route in the downtown area of Shelbyville.  This is a free event and a chance to meet others with the same interest in photography and our downtown area.  You can find more on the walk and sign up (pre-registration is required) at www.worldwidephotowalk.com .
Meet at 6th and Main coffee shop - 1:45 sharp this Saturday!!!
And since all posts are realllll boring without a picture - check out my littlest sister showing our horse, Dragon.  It's almost horse show time, folks!!