Winchester Engagement | Ashley and Will

Joy, joy, joy.  Will and Ashley's love is full of joy.  And a healthy dose of sweet comfort.  Ashley and I met my junior year at WKU and it was there that I heard about her Will, who was living in their hometown and teaching.  At the time, we were both working on staff in Meredith Hall and though I didn't stick out the full semester, we met regularly and hung out often.  As often as possible, that is, with Ashley's crazy school load.  We lived together for our last year at WKU.  I graduated and Ashley headed home to attend pharmacy school at the University of Kentucky. Not only does Ashley have this incredible ability to study for hours on end (in a recliner, no less) she is an amazing person.  She loves the Lord, loves her friends so so so much and is an amazing friend herself.  During school she spent all of her time in her room studying, out running (I used to pass her on the way to Wal-Mart and on the way back in another part of town - all the time) or loving people.  Our last semester at WKU was filled with my obsessing over the new shop and Ashley listened endlessly to my design ideas and dreams.  She made time for her friends and managed to squeeze long phone chats in with Will.  She had the most amazing dedication to school - she rarely went home and spent hours being a genius.  True, true.

Now on to the fabulous Will.  For every inch he is tall, he's 100X witty, kind and genuine.  He used to make Ashley the most amazing things (I remember a map that had hearts over their long-distance towns hanging on her wall) and he is such a gentleman, all the time, all day long.  They'll be that 90-year-old couple in the grocery store pushing along together, laughing at one another.  I'm sure of it.

We started their session in Winchester, Kentucky, where these two high school sweethearts grew up and met, then headed out into the country.  You will see lots of chickens and lots of Fed-Ex and for good reason, of course.  When Ashley called this summer to tell me about their engagement, I was rolling (in my pool float) with laughter.  Stubborn little Ms. Nally didn't want to get it together to be a part of the over-zealous, impatient Will's plan.  For as long as I've known them, Will's wanted to marry her tomorrow and Ashley tells him kindly to cool it and wait just a bit longer until it's more practical.

She had just gotten home from a long day and Will wanted her to hurry up and get ready for their evening plans.  She wasn't interested - Will asked her to join him on a run to the Fed Ex store to pick up a part for his Whiz Bang Chicken Plucker, and luckily she obliged.  Yes, that plucker's a real thing.  Well, turns out she wanted to get back in the car once they got there and Will had to lure her over to help him open the part's box.  She kept opening and opening and managed to eject the ring from the box. Yes, friends: a ring, not a chicken plucker part for farmer Will was inside the box.  And there in the Fed-Ex parking lot, Will asked her to marry him under the lure of a Whiz Bang Chicken Plucker part.

This March in front of all their family and friends, in their charming hometown, Will will finally get to see his bride.  And Ashley will probably have something to say about the timing of it all - but we all know these nuptials are well overdue.  Love you both and can hardly wait to watch Will's face as he sees you walk down the aisle, Ash.  Enjoy!