Zoe | Shelby County High School

Ohhhhh sweet, kind, gorgeous Zoe.  The first time we 'officially' met was at MLCHS.  I was there to shoot headshots for the drama department and she caught me off guard by telling me she'd "See ya this weekend!"  In my ordinary, Elizabeth-lives-in-a-scheduling-fog, I tilted my head and gave her a face. "You'll be at my cousin's wedding this weekend."  Oh, yes, Joelle and Grant.  We've already chatted about how I love their kind family so, and this girl is no exception.  Zoe was super kind at the wedding, but that was just the beginning.  For a high school kiddo, she's got it together.  She was organized, had ideas and style of her own.  She's so adult.

After we photographed her, she so graciously thanked me for shooting the wedding (hello! that's my job!) and for getting photos delivered quickly when their grandfather passed suddenly after the wedding.  So.  Graciously.  As an adult (I think I am), I couldn't quite articulate my appreciation the way that she did.

Little Zoe, I know that wherever you go, you'll be insanely successful and make fabulous friends along the way.  I wish you the best.  I hope you get to be a foot doctor in the fastest fashion possible and know that I'm excited for the impact you'll surely make on our world.  It was our pleasure to work with you again, you gorgeous, vintage fan.  Thanks for making our job easy.

Elizabeth, SeniorsElizabethComment